We focus on China’s fast-growing industries.

With cooperation for mutual benefit as core value, we have always been a long-term partner of capital and entrepreneurs.

We believe in long-term investment perspectives, discovering and empowering companies with a high potential for growth

  • Enhance performance by providing management teams with long-term capital and support
  • Act as a strategic investor to support growth and achieve long-term capital appreciation
  • Leverage our captical strength to invest and establish a flexible portfolio according to investment circles

We help Chinese companies to discover and explore new opportunities, achieve resource integration and value growth

  • Take unique advantage of cross-border and cross-sector strengths, strong investment, financing, and industrial integration abilities
  • Enjoy good relationships with global investment partners, leading industry resources and government
  • Established a professional team with deep understanding of Chinese and overseas market operations

Our market recognition and influence are increasingly enhanced

•  Wealthking has been selected as a constituent stock of MSCI Hong Kong Micro     Cap Index


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