Bridging Value across Sectors and Empowering Industries with Capital

With deep root in Hong Kong, Wealthking has developed unique cross-border and cross-sector advantages. We have always acted as a bridge since establishment, linking China to the world, linking opportunity to value. After twenty years’ accumulation and strategic upgrade, today Wealthking has got even clearer development strategy and investment logic.

Implicit faith in China and great world-class enterprises

Strategically, we have implicit faith in the long-term growth of the Chinese economy and actively discover the growth opportunity in China. We believe Chinese manufacturing ecosystem is efficient and flexible. It is difficult for other countries to be on an equal level, even in the long-run. Numerous great world-class enterprises will be born in China because of its large manufacturing base, population scale and market size, the widespread popularity of mobile Internet, and in-depth application of the Internet and the IOT across sectors. Thus, we have a mission to discover these enterprises, participate in a genuine development with them, and create the long-term capital appreciation for shareholders.

Synergy among portfolios driven by clear strategy

We divide our investments into three strategies for better implementation of the overall strategic planning. The first strategy is the core holding, which focuses on the companies with high potential for growth. Our long-term capital supports these companies to achieve their strategic objectives, while in return, creating the capital gain for our shareholders. The second strategy is to build add-on deals through private equity and venture capital funds, to invest in either the upstream, the downstream or the surrounding business of the core holding companies. Wealthking empowers the ecosystem of the core holding companies and creates medium-to-short-term investment returns for shareholders. The third strategy derives from short-term cross-border financing demands of the core holding companies, the relative investees, or the surrounding companies. Wealthking provides near-term funding support for these enterprises, generates income from the spread between prices, interest rates or currency rates.

Wealthking and its long-term core holding companies could allocate cross-cycle capital in the industries with great growth potential through the organic combination and the network connection. The multi-level investment with flexible layout could achieve the commitment of value investment as well as the synergy among the portfolios, and to bring shareholders various returns.

Cooperation for mutual benefit and value sharing

Looking forward, we will continue the implementation of our strategy and carry out cross-border integration and collaboration. Cooperation for mutual benefit is our core value. We have always been a long-term partner of capital and entrepreneurs and are open to invite more great companies and investor to become our partner and share the value investment.