The Board

Executive Director

Non-executive Director

Independent Non-executive Directors

Board Diversity Policy

The Board adopted its Board Diversity Policy in August 2013. Board diversity can be achieved through consideration of a number of factors, including but not limited to gender, age, cultural and educational background, or professional experience appropriate to the Company’s business model and specific needs.

The Nomination Committee will:

  • Discuss, agree and review annually all objectives for achieving diversity on the Board and recommend them to the Board for adoption;
  • Report annually, in the Corporate Governance Report of the Company’s annual report, a summary of the policy, the objectives set for implementing the policy, and the progress made towards achieving those objectives;
  • Review the policy, as appropriate, to ensure the effectiveness of the policy and discuss any revisions that may be required, and recommend any such revisions to the Board for consideration and approval.

Responsibilities and Duties

The overall management of the Group’s business is vested in the Board, which assumes responsibility for leadership and control of the Group and is collectively responsible for promoting success of the Group by directing and supervising its affairs. All Directors make decisions objectively in the best interests of the Group.

The Board takes the responsibility for all major matters of the Company including: the preparation of the accounts, the approval and monitoring of all policy matters, overall strategies, risk management and internal control systems, appointment and retirement of directors and other significant financial and operational matters. It regularly reviews the contribution required from a Director to perform his responsibilities to the Company, and whether he is spending sufficient time to perform his duties.

The executive Directors are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the Group’s operations and implementation of the strategies set by the Board. The independent non-executive Directors participate in board meetings and serve on the audit, remuneration, nomination and corporate governance committees to bring an independent judgment on issues of strategy, policy, performance, accountability, resources, key appointments, standards of conduct and potential conflicts of interests.

As the Company is an investment company, investment management services have been delegated to the investment manager, namely, Oriental Patron Asia Limited; the custodian services have been delegated to the custodian Hang Seng Bank Limited. The delegated functions and performance are reviewed periodically by the Board.

Continuous Professional Development for Directors

All Directors should keep abreast of their responsibilities as Directors and the Company’s business and activities. The company secretary continuously updates all Directors on the latest developments regarding Listing Rules and other applicable regulatory requirements to ensure compliance of the same by all Directors. All Directors are also encouraged to attend relevant training courses and seminars that may require keeping abreast with the latest changes in laws, regulations and the business environment.